Upcoming events:
  • July 8th - Quarter Auction at the Chevron Building Marshall Co Fairgrounds, sponsored by the Marshall County Extension Office, Awesome Quarter Auction, doors open to public at noon, auction begins at 1pm
  • July 16 - MoMa Aroma presents as part of the Alternative Health Series - location TBD
  • August 5-6 - MoMa Aroma at the Alliance of International Aromatherapists Conference at Rutgers University, NJ

Essential Oils are more of a journey than a destination—feel free to contact me and schedule a consultation to learn more and find support about which way to turn to receive accurate and safe information as this holistic area of support continues to grow.



I want to write about balance because it is something that is not by default. No, balance, unlike worry and hurry and unhappiness does not come naturally to human beings. The first thing to do upon waking is to...

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Having energy when it is needed is a gift. Let’s consider something minty—if you have some Peppermint oil close, open it and smell. It is well researched that there is energy and vigor wrapped up in peppermint and other...

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If there is a quality that clears the air and makes a body sigh with relief, it would have to be the feeling of clarity. Think of that last project or relationship of life. Were there times when fog was prevalent and...

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An idea and a joy! The name is inspired by two sisters, Molly and Marni. The company is the result of our desire to see essential oils and aromatherapy reach our communities, friends and families. Our introduction to essential oils came through one of the large Multi-level Marketing Companies that has influenced so many over the last decade. We want to encourage everyone to go after more education, mentoring and growth—buying lots of oils is not the goal! Essential oils—gorgeous essences of the plants they represent--are tiny powerhouses! They work their magic in and through the vehicles we are inspired to package them in. Oils and butters, waters and air puffs contain these precious gifts. Less is more—explore this website and discover why—the discovery of essential oils is just the beginning of a journey that can last a lifetime. Breathe!

Crafting soothing butters or delightful blends requires care and a commitment to select and use only the finest ingredients. Each handcrafted batch of MoMa Aroma product is handled with the utmost care in regard to processing. Delicate carrier butters and oils are respected for their tolerance of temperature and consistency. Essential Oils are certified pure and organic and are added to blends with attention to preserving the energetic and life-enhancing properties.
Disclaimer - These products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products are not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent disease.